Friday, November 16, 2018


Observing/Discussing Ranch Fire Impacts

Core-Team members from FireScape Mendocino toured portions of the Ranch Fire that burned over 400,000 acres on the Mendocino National Forest.   The field trip focused largely on reviewing fire impacts to vegetation, cultural resources, and recreation facilities, with discussions about how FireScape can continue our collaboration with the Forest Service in responding to the fire’s effects.

FireScape Mendocino Core-Team Field Trip

The Ranch Fire was part of the Mendocino Complex Fires that scorched both public and private lands during the “not yet over” 2018 Wildfire Season.

Discussing Burn Severity at Field Trip Stop

FireScape Core-Team members believe the recovery phase of wildfire can bring communities together just as effectively (and at times, even more effectively) than the time before a wildfire.

Temporary Closure of Designated OHV/Multi-Use Trail

As the Forest Service continues to engage in critical post wildfire recovery efforts such as hazard tree removal and soil stabilization activities, FireScape Core-Team members believe that FireScape should help facilitate communication between the agency and the local stakeholder community. Part of this role includes FireScape’s participation in identifying, scoping, and securing approvals for recovery actions, based on collaborative input from our stakeholders.

Hazard Tree Closure Sign

As severe and fatal wildfires continue to impact people, private property, and public lands, let us remember that Wildfire is our Future and WE have a solemn duty and responsibility to engage in a substantive and proactive manner in post wildfire recovery efforts and projects.

Less Severe Burn in Pre-Fire Fuel Reduction Project Area

Watch for future updates from FireScape on post wildfire public engagement opportunities.